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Do you have an area of your home or building that is never as comfortable as the rest of the building? If you have a space that your heating and/or air system never seems to be able to tackle or if you have a space where the installation of a full system just is not feasible then a ductless split system is the alternative you have been looking for. If you are looking for a simple and cost effective solution to provide heating and/or air conditioning to your space ductless split systems have a lot to offer.

Also known as a mini split a ductless split air system consists of an exterior condenser unit and a series of blower units that heat or cool the air in your home or business. The blower units are typically connected to the condenser units through a single conduit which houses all the necessary tubing and wiring making for an easy and cost effective installation. This simple design allows ductless air systems to function in a variety of environments where a full heating and/or air system just is not a good fit.

A Great Value

Ductless air systems offer great value when you consider the cost of installation and the cost of the unit when compared to a full sized system. They do not require a vent system or ducting to function in a space and are typically designed to run only one conduit containing all the required tubing and wiring for complete functionality. This does not mean you cannot cool and/or heat a large space or multiple rooms. Ductless air systems can have multiple blower units typically up to five individual units which can be placed in separate spaces or spread out to effectively heat and/or cool a single space. Ductless air systems can also handle substantial loads for their size, and you may be surprised to find that many ductless air systems provide similar performance to competing full systems.

A ductless split system is a also good choice for an area where installing ducts is impossible or impractical. Their design is minimally invasive of an existing space if you have an older building you want to heat or cool without disturbing the current condition. They are also great for cooling spaces with multiple functions where you’d like some areas to have heating and cooling capabilities such as the sales floor of a retail business or the office space in a warehouse.

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